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Peace & Serenity
Hiii! I'm LeeAnn, & this is just my personal diary, filled with goals and ambitions of mine. You'll be able to find anything in range from physical, to mental, and emotional goals. Feel free to message me if you can relate, or if you have any advice! Thanks :)

So, as many of you can tell, I’ve been very unactive for the past month because I’ve been SO busy running back and forth vacationing. 

Good news is, I mananged to exercise, maintain portion control, and drink water for the most part without falling off the wagon too bad. :)

But now, I’m thrilled to be back & I cannot wait to help all my followers & continue to a healthier body. 

My starting weight when I created this blog was about 127, and I was down to about 121 when July started. When I got home from endless weeks of vacations with multiple friends, I weighed about 124 (not too bad). But now, a few days have passed and just eating healthy & exercising has put me to my current weight (120.6) & I’m happy! I’ve also accomplished more goals, and I’m going to be adding more goals to my list on my blog. My ultimate goal weight is 115 (just so you guys know.)

If any of my followers need advice, or someone to talk to, shoot me a message! :)

Also, myfitnesspal is choosetobethebetteryou. Feel free to add me! 

Love you all <3

So I’ve been vacationing recently and gained 1-2 pounds. -_- BUT good news is, i got up this morning and swam for 30 minutes & about half a mile. Then, i ate a multigran bagel and got a green tea. I normally don’t like green tea, but I’m trying to change that.

Also, I’ve decided to start training for a triathelon. Yay me! :D

On Saturday my vacation begins with Caseyy! & we’ll be working out every day, so I’m super excited. :D


Banana & half of a 90 calorie granola bar


Whole Wheat Turkey Wrap & Pretzel Crisps

(So I didn’t eat that much yesterday, but I was never really hungry.)


Whole Wheat Tortilla Wrap with peanut butter and banana


One slice of leftover dominos cheese pizza (bad, I know) and a teeny tiny piece of thin crust pepperoni.


This was after my game, and I was hanging out with a friend at the carnival, so I got one slice of cheese pizza, and a vanilla ice cream cone with sprinkles (but I only ate about half of that.) & I wasn’t actually going to eat anything, but my brother started joking that I was anorexic, and to prove that I wasn’t, I got something to eat.

Then I had a snack size of mcdonalds spicy chicken mcbites.

Okay overall that was a pretty bad day, because I ate unhealthy food. On the plus side, I didn’t really binge. I ate only until I was full. So props to me :) 


Granola Bar 


Quaker’s Cinnamon Oats Bar


Special K Chocolaty Delight Cereal 

for the past week, i’ve been on vacationn & wasn’t really paying attention to this blog, BUT while I was gone, I managed to only eat when I was hungry, and tried to never make myself “overfull” & exercise. 

When I got home, I lost two pounds! I was shocked. But, point is, I don’t have record of my intake, but I will start recording as of when I got home. :) 

Back on Track, Leggo! 


Special K Chocolately Delight Cereal with Skim Milk




Whole Wheat flatbread with pan roasted turkey and mayonnaise.


Chicken Caesar Salad, some squash (then I had one pizza slice to try and increase my amount of calories since I was WAY under the amount I was supposed to eat.)

I failed to eat 1000 calories yesterday to reach my goal, and I maintained the same weight. I think it’s because my body was put into starvation mode, and slowed down my metabolism, and started counter-acting against me. Today, I’m going to try to eat 5 meals all day long (that are clean & healthy.) Let’s see how that works! 


A hot dog from 7/11 with ketchup, and a tiny bit of cheese.

Mid-Day Snack-

Dannon Activia Vanilla Yogurt


Burger King Whopper. (Just the sandwhich) 


A chicken ceasar salad bowl, but I replaced with ceasar with honey mustard.

(I know, not the best choice.. but honey mustard is the only kind of dressing I like, & I’m slowly trying to inch myself away from that.)


Lean Cuisine Spagetti & Meatballs.. That wasn’t good! xP So I added a slice of bread with lightly spreaded butter..

untill… my brother’s order dominos. (oh my)

I had 1 slice of cheese pizza

1 slice of thin pepperoni

2 slices of cheesy bread

& then a lava cake & ice cream. 

however, i did manage to drink 2 liters of water today :)

oh my.. lesson learned, & tomorrow is a new day. I got this, :)